Menu Re-Engineering

We follow a multi-faceted process starting with breaking down our client's menu, item by item, analyzing each item's performance, and then developing a menu strategy based on these metrics.


Menu Strategy. A menu strategy prioritizes menu categories and items based on their importance to the brand and includes specifics for simplifying and optimizing each category and item, and how they will contribute to the brand's business growth.


Menu Simplification.  Utilizing a combination of consumer and financial analytics, we help clients “declutter” their menu.  Menu simplification enables clients to better highlight best sellers and revenue drivers while simultaneously making ordering faster and easier.


Menu Layout.  Menu re-engineering also includes reorganizing our client's menu (written or menuboard) based on the simplified menu and undertaking a sales to space analysis, which results in allocating more space and prominent positioning on the menu for high priority items.



Click on the above image to read about the critical role menu strategy plays in menu re-engineering.

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