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Data Analytics

We use a data-driven methodology to develop truly effective solutions to help clients increase sales and margins across menu items. 


TURF Analytics.  We employ a mathematical procedure for optimizing our client's menu.  Through TURF, we are able to determine the shortest list of menu items needed to satisfy the vast majority of customers.


TURF delivers multiple benefits:

  • Identification of revenue driver items

  • Determination of items that drive customer loyalty

  • Increased throughput via faster customer ordering

  • Operational complexity improvements


Pricing and Revenue Management.  Using customer data and our expert insights, we establish pricing and revenue management strategies based on your customer's attitudes, usage, and buying behavior. King-Casey's pricing and revenue management strategies, specific to your brand, will help you increase your profitability. 


Menu Operations Analytics.  We utilize menu item operations data and complexity ratings to identify the contributing or detracting drivers of profitability.

Leveraging Competitive Intelligence
Understanding competitive pricing allows you to separate market dynamics from competitor impact, and plan accordingly on an ongoing basis.


Click on the above image to read how in-depth data analysis contributes to menu optimization.

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