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Menu Communications

Menu Communications is a two-phase process producing “Rapid ROI” that optimizes menuboards and hand-held menus and then uses zone merchandising principles to enhance Total Store Communications along the entire Path-to-Purchase (P2P).


Flowing from a solid Menu Strategy, Menu Communications generates “Rapid ROI” because it increases sales and profits quickly without substantial capital investment.

1.) Menu Communications: This includes developing the strategic content and physical design of the menuboard (and hand-held menus) to reflect the priorities of the Menu Strategy. In-store testing is then carried out in a number of locations over a several week period to validate the effectiveness of the new menuboards.  Following this testing, the optimized menuboards (and menus) are rolled out across the system.

2.) Customer Zone Merchandising: This recognizes that menu communications extend beyond the menuboard itself to supportive messages in various zones within the restaurant.  In each zone, customers have different needs and behaviors. Similarly, a brand will have different business objectives from one zone to another. Recognizing this, our COZI methodology develops strategically crafted menu messages from one zone to the next, as customers make their journey along the path to purchase.  This totality of menu communications reflect both customer needs and the brand's business objectives.



Click on the below images to read more about King-Casey's approach for optimizing menu communications.

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