Combining Eye-Tracking Science, Strategic Thinking and Customer-Focused Design To Achieve Optimized Menuboard Performance

The renowned firms, King·Casey and Envirosell, have combined resources to develop MenuBoard PRO -- an innovative process that uses proven methodologies for re-engineering menuboard strategies and designs to achieve tangible business results.

MenuBoard PRO leverages King·Casey’s strategic menuboard optimization methodology and design skill with Envirosell’s Mobile Eye-Tracking and behavioral research expertise. The end result is a dramatically improved menuboard strategy and visual execution that’s based on hard scientific data, rich consumer insights and decades of success developing superior menuboard performance. Nothing else on the market comes close to MenuBoard PRO.

A Proven Track Record for 30 Years. King·Casey and Envirosell each have over 30 years of experience helping many of the Top 100 QSR and fast casual brands grow their businesses via menuboard insights, strategies and designs that increase sales, grow average check and speed customer through-put.

Learn More. Call King·Casey to learn more about MenuBoard PRO and how it will build your brand’s sales and profits.

Contact: Howland Blackiston, Principal, King·Casey. Telephone 1-203-571-1776 or email 

About Envirosell. Envirosell is the leading research consultancy for the retail environment, integrating analysis of layout,
merchandising, and operations with shopper behavior and perceptions. Since 1986, the firm has studied restaurants, products, brands, stores, malls, airports, banks, hotels, and services for Fortune 100 clients. Founder, Paco Underhill is a regular contributor to NPR and BBC Radio. Paco’s books, Why We Buy, Call of the Mall, and What Women Want have been published in 27 languages and have sold more copies than any other retailing books in history. To learn more about Envirosell click here.

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