King-Casey C-Store Design for American Natural Takes Top Honors

Convenience Store News magazine announced today that King-Casey has taken the top honor for the Best Original Design in the magazine's 12th annual awards program. The competition recognizes  convenience stores whose designs excel in areas such as branding, interior layout, use and effectiveness of signage and logos, and exterior property. Winners were selected based on innovation, creativity, and the positive impact of the design and/or remodel on the retailer’s overall business.

​Please scroll down to see more photos of the eatery, and to learn about King-Casey’s work on this project. 

The foodservice zone is the focal point of the new convenience store. It's the first thing customers see entering the store. It's all about showcasing the fresh and delicious food that is made to order. There's an element of engaging "theater" in the design and layout of the store.

American Natural, a brand-new convenience store, heightens the foodservice experience through "the eatery" and on-the-go freshly prepared food.

Management's vision and objective was for the eatery to be a foodservice destination of choice, providing fresh, healthy foods to today's "Me Generation" shoppers. King-Casey created a contemporary, au naturale brand identity and food forward store design targeted specifically to win over these consumers. These combined with King-Casey's proprietary COZI® methodology, result in a 3-Dimensional branded environment that showcases American Natural's commitment to offering an elevated foodservice experience at the eatery. The net result being a memorable dining customer experience. 

The exterior design and trade dress communicates a fast casual restaurant brand image. The activation of the logo/icon shapes are used throughout the store contributing to proprietary 3-D branding.

3-D branding extends to wall coverings that communicate key brand attributes, and the "freshness" promise. Graphic interpretations of the brand logo are used throughout the store as decor elements. This highly social beverage bar zone is part of the interactive "theater" experience of the eatery.

Different customer zones were designed to meet the needs of different customers, e.g., communal counter seating for those customers on the go…traditional table top seating for those wishing to work or engage in conversation...

And, a comfortable lounge area was developed for those wishing to linger and relax. There is also the outside patio zone for customers wanting to dine al fresco.

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