The Situation

The Bahadi company in Saudi Arabia had an idea for a new retail concept that would sell rare and unique specialty coffees.  But the challenge was how to take an idea and develop it from scratch into a proprietary retail concept.  They came to King·Casey for help.  The project involved strategic planning, naming, branding, store design, and the creation of packaging systems and customer communications.  

The Solution

Unique to King·Casey is our ability to develop retail designs that visually reinforce everything the brand stands for. Great retail design is far more than just creating a nice logo. It is more than just coming up with attractive decor, materials and finishes. It’s an ability to develop a strategically, integrated system of branded elements. It’s a deep understanding of how customers use and interact within a retail space, and then developing an environment that anticipates and responds to these needs.

Any store is actually a collection of many individual “customer operating zones”. Customers behave differently in each zone. Their needs and expectations are different. Each of these unique zones is right for one merchandising strategy, and dead wrong for another. By identifying these zones and understanding how customers behave in each zone, you can craft zone-specific communications and merchandising strategies that are sharply responsive to how customers use these zones. This makes the customer experience easier, and more enjoyable, while distinguishing your brand and maximizing business results. This “Customer Zone” strategy was at the heart of the designs King·Casey created for Kal.

The concept of developing merchandising and communications strategies based on “customer operating zones” was pioneered by King·Casey decades ago. This blend of science and creativity is used to help clients manage the entire customer experience. 

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