King·Casey founders Fred King (right) and Eugene Casey (left).


  The year is 1953. Dwight Eisenhower is elected president, “Make R​oom for Daddy” has its television debut, and “Stranger in Paradise” tops the musical charts. That same year, Fred King (right) and Eugene Casey (left) launch a new marketing and design firm: King·Casey. Right from the start, Fred and Eugene earned a reputation as design strategists. The firm was one of the very first to incorporate science and consumer research into the design process. They delivered a lot more than attractive graphics. Their founding tenet was, “Good Design Must Deliver Good Payback”. It wasn’t long before King·Casey attracted a prestigious list of loyal clients. To this day, King·Casey blends science, innovation and creativity to deliver solutions that result in measurable business improvement: increased sales, higher profits and superior customer loyalty.          Please give us a call, and let’s explore how King·Casey can help you realize meaningful business improvement.   

The above slide show highlights some of the innovative, creative and iconic solutions developed by King·Casey over the decades for a wide range of industries and businesses. At the heart of our work is a profound understanding of customer behavior at retail, and an excellent track record for developing solutions that improve our clients' business performance.

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