The Situation

Fazoli's is a chain of 230 Italian premium quick service restaurants headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Recently, Fazoli’s management sought to improve their menuboard presentation to their guests (both interior and at the drive-thru) in order to accomplish the following:


  • Increase overall sales

  • Optimize value perceptions

  • Improve readability and guest appeal

Looking for a strong menu design partner, they came to King·Casey for help in creating a “next generation” menuboard strategy and design.

The Solution

King·Casey recommended a three-step process to achieve the project objectives, as follows:

1. Consumer Assessment Study. King·Casey conducted qualitative and quantitative research to attain consumer insights, attitudes, likes and dislikes regarding the current menuboard designs (both interior and drive-thru). The findings provided objective information about Fazoli’s current menuboards (from a consumer perspective) regarding guest appeal, ease of ordering, readability, organization, comprehension and overall likes and dislikes.

2. Sales Analysis, Design Assessment and Creation of Optimized Design Platform. King·Casey conducted an analysis of product sales in order to optimize product placement and space allocation on the menuboard. We then conducted an assessment of the current menuboard design to identify improvement opportunities for achieving the project objectives. Using these findings, King·Casey developed an enhanced “design platform” to guide the creative work that followed.

3. Menuboard Design Concept Development. Using the design platform, King·Casey generated a range of menuboard conceptual solutions for the interior and drive-thru. The new menuboard concepts were then put into test stores for performance evaluation prior to finalization and roll-out across the system.


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