Optimized Menuboard
Increases Sales Despite Turbulent Times

Del Taco has become a darling in the industry. Generating 18 straight positive quarters. So while many other brands are struggling along, Del Taco’s stores are averaging sales increases of $230,000 per location.
How is Del Taco Getting Such Impressive Results?
One reason is that consumers have been purchasing fewer low-cost menu items (from the “Buck and Under” menu), and choosing more of the brand’s new, premium, higher-priced menu items (“Dinner at Del”, “Epic Burritos”). That’s a terrific shift, but what led to customers making such desirable choices? 
Menuboard Strategies Support Business Strategies
King-Casey’s restaurant consulting group worked closely with Del Taco to develop optimized menuboard strategy options to help Del Taco realize the following prioritized business objectives:

  • Increase sales of premium menu items

  • Retain value perceptions of loyal customers

  • Grow high margin beverage sales

  • Improve menuboard ease-of-use and speed throughput

  • Elevate Del Taco’s “QSR Plus” brand impression

  • Communicate “fresh and healthy”


King-Casey’s State-of-the-Art Approach to Menuboard Optimization
King-Casey follows a proven approach to menuboard optimization, drawing from a comprehensive suite of consulting and design services. For the Del Taco project, we tapped into the following resources:
Site Audits. King-Casey began the project by conducting site audits at select locations to obtain a thorough, real-world understanding of Del Taco’s existing menuboard conditions, restrictions and areas of opportunity. We also conducted an assessment of their merchandising practices and other in-store communications to determine their synergy with the menuboard.
Menu Strategy Review. King-Casey’s team reviewed Del Taco’s existing menu strategy and determined it was not being addressed on their existing menuboard. We worked closely with Del Taco management to agree on how their F&B products would contribute to their business growth, and to agree on their prioritization on their menuboard.

In-Depth Data Analytics. Our data analytics team used revenue and profitability analyses to complete an existing situational review that identified opportunities for growth in menu item prioritization, simplification, improved organization, and improved merchandising. During the concept validation phase of the project, we provided menu performance indicators and revenue and profitability projections to identify which strategies would attain the best results in a real-life situation.
Visual Communication Evaluation and Design Strategy Development. Using a large and proprietary best-practice database, and following a structured, scientific process, our visual assessment team identified the strengths and weaknesses of Del Taco’s current menuboard communications, and made specific, actionable recommendations to support the brand’s stated business objectives and menu strategy. We developed schematic/blueprints illustrating optimized menuboard architecture, layout, placement and space allocation of menu items. King-Casey developed a range of visual strategies using color renderings, which were used to identify the strongest solutions during consumer insight validation.
Scientific Consumer Insights. King-Casey conducted consumer research to understand guest attitudes and behavior regarding the new optimized menuboard visual strategies. By conducting face-to-face interviews with hundreds and hundreds of consumers, we were able to validate the one new strategy that would result in the greatest business growth and improved customer experience. This one particular strategy significantly outperformed the current menuboard and edged out the other three optimized alternatives by showing superior sales increases, and realizing all of the other key business objectives. It was this winning strategy that was ultimately used to guide Del Taco’s development of the actual boards that were rolled out across the system.


Great Menuboards Are More Than Just Great Design
The most effective menuboard communications are much more than just nice designs. Optimized boards must be crafted to achieve key business objectives. They must change consumer behavior. They must realize real and significant business improvement. That’s where King-Casey outperforms other menuboard optimization firms. Our menuboard optimization consultants follow a thoughtful, structured, scientific approach. Creating the actual menuboard design is merely the last step in the process.
Want to Find Out More? Are you ready to get serious about optimizing your menuboard communications to grow sales and profits? Contact King-Casey and learn about the comprehensive suite of consulting and design services available to your menuboard project. Email hblackiston@king-casey.com, or call +1 (203) 571-1776.

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