What is COZI®? It is an acronym: Customer Operating Zone Improvement. This is King·Casey’s proprietary analytical and assessment process for improving how you present your brand to customers and how you design your store for a better customer experience. The focus is on the customer. By understanding how customers use an environment, we create innovative store design, communications and merchandising strategies that meet customers needs, improve their experience with your brand, and blow away the competition. Every restaurant, supermarket or c-store is a series of many zones. It is important to understand each of these zones. What happens in these zones? How do shoppers use these zones? What are their expectations in each of these zones? How can your communications and merchandising strategies in these zones be responsive to customer needs? When you get it right, the customer experience is faster, easier, and more enjoyable, while distinguishing your brand and maximizing sales and profits.

​Click on the image (left) for a free copy of our King·Casey Report on our proprietary approach to "zone merchandising".

​Click on the image (left) for a free sample of our QSR Assessor Toolkit (Entry Zone)

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