Buffalo Wild Wings

The Situation

With the objective of accelerating growth, Buffalo Wild Wings tapped King·Casey to design and develop a new prototype restaurant. The goal was to expand Buffalo Wild Wings’ customer demographic beyond 18-34 year-old males to women and families.

The Solution

King·Casey conducted extensive customer research combined with its proprietary COZI® (Customer Operated Zone Improvement) strategic discipline to identify areas of opportunity to deliver an improved customer experience. Based on King·Casey’s research and COZI® assessment, and to appeal to a broad range of customers, King·Casey’s design team separated the interior environment into a variety of distinctive customer zones. In addition to a bar zone, there is a 32-seat lounge zone which has some of the social energy of a bar, but with a quieter dining experience. The interior also features a dining zone that is divided into seating areas for adults and families with children.

Rounding out the interior environment is a separate carryout zone to enhance takeout sales. It includes both a separate outside entrance and parking for customers in a hurry. Carryout is a key business for Buffalo Wild Wings and the improved takeout zone is designed specifically to drive sales in this area.


To generate brand awareness and drive customer traffic, King·Casey developed a 3-D branded exterior. A prominent tower is accented with Buffalo Wild Wings bold and distinctive yellow and black trade tress. Importantly, this 3-D branding is carried throughout the 6,000 square foot interior to create a totally integrated 3-D branded environment and customer experience.

The Results

The new Buffalo Wild Wings prototype restaurant is increasing trial and delighting customers. Additionally, “The new design opens it up to different dayparts and different target audiences”, says Kathy Benning, Buffalo Wild Wings Senior Vice President of Marketing. “It’s bright, airy and fresh with a welcoming environment”.


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