American Natural

The Goal

American Natural’s new prototype store designed by King·Casey opened recently outside of Pittsburgh. The goal was to develop an innovative, next generation c-store that surpassed all other competing c-stores by offering consumers the opportunity to choose from an array of food and fuel options. The concept would compete head-on with QSR and fast casual restaurant brands by providing high quality food and beverages that would grow this profitable segment of American Natural’s business.


King·Casey Turns Vision Into Reality

Management's vision and objective was for the eatery to be a foodservice destination of choice, providing fresh, healthy foods to today's "Me Generation" shoppers. King·Casey created a contemporary, au naturale brand identity and food forward store design targeted specifically to win over these consumers. These combined with King·Casey's proprietary COZI® methodology, result in a 3-Dimensional branded environment that showcases American Natural's commitment to offering an elevated foodservice experience at the eatery. The net result being a memorable dining customer experience. 


The Process

Assessment, Strategy Development and Brand Enhancement

King·Casey worked closely with American Natural to identify the key business objectives, as well as capturing their vision for the new store design concept. These objectives, findings and defining attributes were documented and published as a lucid brand positioning and design strategy. Collectively, these critical elements provided the roadmap used by American Natural and King·Casey to evaluate the creative designs and decisions that followed.

King·Casey made enhancements to the existing American Natural brand identity to support management’s brand vision and the desired brand positioning. The new “eatery” name and brand identity communicates the fast casual destination aspect of American Natural.


Creation of Optimized Store Design

King·Casey developed a store layout and design concepts that contributed to a proprietary, 3-D branded environment. This comprehensive concept package included: site plan layout, exterior trade dress, primary signage, floorplan and customer flow, interior environment design, colors, materials, fixtures, customer communications, food packaging, and various branded merchandising elements.


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