ALBAIK is an iconic, hugely popular “pressure fried chicken” concept in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With an impeccable reputation for great service, great food and spotless stores, senior management recognized that there is a great opportunity for growing the business beyond their current geography. But to better attract international franchisees and customers outside of the Kingdom, they felt the need to develop a more impactful and professional world-brand impression, without losing any of the highly positive equity they had earned over the years. After an international search of top branding and design firms, ALBAIK selected King·Casey as their partner for this important initiative.

The Solution

King·Casey launched the project with consumer research to better identify (from a consumer perspective) the highly desirable things about the current brand that must always be retained and reinforced. 

King·Casey worked with ALBAIK’s senior management to identify the desired qualities and personalities that would reflect the new brand experience. This resulted in a list of primary and secondary brand attributes (descriptive words that everyone agreed should be associated with the new brand). King·Casey created a brand positioning and design platform that captured in words a brand that would be perceived as friendly, hospitable, modern, casual and world-class. 


King·Casey developed 3-D branding for ALBAIK to visually communicate the positioning and essence of the brand by visually integrating its brand identity to the entire customer experience, including architecture, décor, signage, customer communications, food packaging, uniforms and more. This gave ALBAIK an effective way of differentiating itself from competitive concepts. The new identity was seamlessly integrated into everything the customer sees and experiences inside and outside of the restaurant.

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