Have you noticed? There's a similarity among many restaurant brands and supermarkets. The environments look alike. One chain looks much like the next. The interiors (and often the exteriors) are typically anonymous and interchangeable.

At King·Casey we overcome the “Sea of Sameness” through 3-D Branding. This strategy results in a unique and proprietary environment and customer experience that differentiates a brand from its competitors. We achieve this by visually communicating the essence of a brand by integrating brand positioning, identity, trade-dress and architecture. In this sense, we develop a 3-D interpretation of a brand. Everything the customer sees and touches is unique to this particular brand. The environment itself communicates to customers the brand’s personality and distinctiveness in the marketplace. Brand leaders understand that great branding is much more than a great logo.

COZI®: Our Proprietary Approach to 3-D Branding

COZI® is an acronym for Customer Operating Zone Improvement. It’s King·Casey’s exclusive analytical process for improving how you present your brand to customers to create a better customer experience. By understanding how customers use an environment, we create innovative, customer-centric store design, branding, communications and merchandising strategies. The resulting solutions better meet customers’ needs, improve their experience with your brand, and blow away the competition. Learn more here.

​Click on the image (left) for a free copy of our King·Casey Report on 3-Dimensional branding.

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