Menuboards That Grow Sales

Optimized menuboards begin with a menu strategy. Surprisingly, many restaurant chains do not have a cohesive and well documented menu strategy linked to high-level business objectives. A menu strategy is the missing link to realizing menuboard optimization.

For more than a quarter of a century, King-Casey has been helping leading QSR and Fast Casual brands increase sales and profits by dramatically improving their menuboard strategies and designs. Strategically sound menuboard optimization generates significant returns on investment. We routinely see sales increases of 5-10% for key products and categories. Optimized menuboards can also shave precious seconds off the order process speeding thru-put and boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The menuboard is your number one sales tool. A strategically designed menuboard persuades and helps customers decide what to order. Research shows that 56% of customers can be influenced by the menuboard. 74% of customers say that an easy-to-read menuboard is their top priority. In a recent discussion with a CEO of a QSR chain, he commented that, “menuboard optimization is one of the best investments my company can make. It far exceeds almost any other strategy I could pursue to increase profits”.

​Click on the image (left) for a free copy of our King-Casey Report on the seven absolutes of menu design.

​Click on the image (left) for a free copy of our King-Casey Report on menu strategies.